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It's so great to see Tokyo again ! I'm feeling as if i was at home ! (hmmm... a home where my own family would hate me but that's an other problem =D)

It stopped raining, it was sunny today !
Our flat is PERFECT !
It's in front of Waseda Univ, it's calm, there is a river and little forest and even a bridge... But we just need 10 minutes to go to Shinjuku.  We have our own bathroom, our own kitchen... Totally different from the ryokan. 

Our Japanese friends are so nice and we are like princesses !

I ate the best tempura ever yesterday evening... I even ate squid (.......... D:) and this :

But it was delicious :) Our friend who invited us told us that the cookers asked if we already ate tempura before because they thought we use... hm... "rods" ? very well, mouhahaha.

I have no time right now but what's going next, kids ?

Tomorrow : a "secret plan" D: for me, by Hitoshi and my sister who organize this. I have no idea '_'
Friday : Political sciences school results  and Ghibli :))

Before that, the zoo, certainly HP 5 in ebglish/japanese =D, shopping, walking, cooking, visiting etc :)

 And by the way : i'm accepted in LEA english/japanese :)))))

Take care of you !


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